Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Okay, I've been gone for a few but now I'm back. Little Sprout had a cold for a couple days and I lost my voice for about 3. Red has been the only one not ill! Good for him. Well, except for his right ear it's doing this crazy cauliflower thing that looks like it's super swollen and puffy. A little gross but a little cool, too.

Sprout has been doing great with his potty-training at school! At home, well, we'll work on it more once we get back from our little trip! Oh, what?!? You didn't know!?!?!?! Red, Sprout and myself are going to take a trip a little south, like 5 hours south, so that Red can meet his dad for the first time! Yay!!

We will be leaving Friday afternoon and coming back Sunday evening! Red is so excited. I know he has waited, at least all of our life together, to discover, find and meet his dad. I know he is ecstatic. I pray everything goes well and that they can build a great relationship.

Sorry for the lack of pics. I promise to put up pics soon. Probably after our big weekend!

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