Monday, March 15, 2010

What's going on?!?

Wow! A month, really?!? I am beyond words. I am sorry to my friends and family who check here for updates. Let's catch up!!

First, we went to South Florida so Red could meet his dad. Everything was amazing! They are too cute together and are just alike in so many ways. Sprout got a chance to meet his "Pea-Pa" and had a blast. We even went to a Biker Bar for breakfast!?! How cool is that! Sprout was even calling out to him to get his attention and was really connected to him. I know Red is super super excited to have his "dad" in his life. I am ecstatic because that means that Sprout has more family members that he can grow with!!

Red and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary this past Wednesday. It was a long day, very tiresome, stressful, unsexy and totally unromantic. We ended up having pizza for dinner and fell asleep on the couch. Friday evening, Sprout spent time with his Gramma and Pa so, we got a chance to go out and celebrate. We went to our favorite place Aqua Grill! The food was amazing, as always and the atmosphere was just what we needed. We had a great time and reconnected a little bit. Saturday evening was spent at my grandmas house and we have a nice family dinner in honor of our anniversary! It was beautiful and a good time.

The rest of this past weekend was pretty much business as usual. I cooked, baked, cleaned and played with Sprout. Red worked and Sunday we had dinner with Gramma and Pa. Late night, again. After Sprouts escapade with Gramma and Pa Friday night, the little cough that he had turned into a big nasty croupy cough!! He is going to see the Dr today and hopefully we will have a prescription for some steroids and maybe something more permanent. I will updat tonight and add some pictures!

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