Monday, June 28, 2010

No time for catching up!!

Things have been going pretty well! Little Sprout became one year older and has graduated to the name Big Bean!! That is how he will be referred to on the blog. Time had gone by so fast and now it's summer Big Bean and I have spent weekends with our friends at the beach and plenty of warm days at Gramma and Pa's! Of course we walk down to Grammy and Grampy's to check out all the cool things they have for Big Bean! Aamy has spent some time with us too! We love her and miss her!!

Big Bean was moved up to the older toddlers class at school after I made it a big issue! I was so tired of him being treated like the baby when he was the SMARTEST!!! kids in his class and even gives the older toddlers a run for their money. Big Bean has been eating well continues to grow! As of last week he now weight 25.2lbs and is 35 inches! Hid head size is starting to even out and is 51.5cm! His hair is growing like crazy and is super curly! I love it and everyone else seems to as well. That's all for now. I will blog later about other things that are going on!! Love you all!