Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Okay, I've been gone for a few but now I'm back. Little Sprout had a cold for a couple days and I lost my voice for about 3. Red has been the only one not ill! Good for him. Well, except for his right ear it's doing this crazy cauliflower thing that looks like it's super swollen and puffy. A little gross but a little cool, too.

Sprout has been doing great with his potty-training at school! At home, well, we'll work on it more once we get back from our little trip! Oh, what?!? You didn't know!?!?!?! Red, Sprout and myself are going to take a trip a little south, like 5 hours south, so that Red can meet his dad for the first time! Yay!!

We will be leaving Friday afternoon and coming back Sunday evening! Red is so excited. I know he has waited, at least all of our life together, to discover, find and meet his dad. I know he is ecstatic. I pray everything goes well and that they can build a great relationship.

Sorry for the lack of pics. I promise to put up pics soon. Probably after our big weekend!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday, Tuesday...

Oh boy, what a week! I know it's still early in the week but man this week has definately been one of those weeks. The office drama is in full effect and it comes in waves. One minute everyone is fine and we're all BFF's. Next, it's close to world war three in here. The front office is jumping at the back office's throat. They just don't understand what we go through back here just like I'm sure we don't get to see everything they go through up there. I just wish we could all work together and that things went smoothly.

Ugh! Enough of the depressing stuff. Sprout is doing great with his pottying this week! He went on the potty most of the day yesterday so he got a special treat for dinner last night. He was so excited and enjoyed every minute of it! He's done really well as far as temper tantrums go, too.

In other news, Red and his dad are still doing well. Red's dad broke the news to his family and well, it wasn't exactly what he hoped, I suppose but I think the shock may be wearing off a little and reality is setting in. His family must be in that 'did this just happen' phase. I pray they will warm up to the idea and embrace Red. This is what Red has wanted for so long. I have a sense of peace that this will work itself out and one day we will all be friends.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I almost forgot. He ripped open the envelope and carefully pulled out the half soaked paper that he had been longing for and stared blankly at the page.

We were both scared, confused and completely unsure. Was this what we had been hoping for? What we were waiting for? There were two columns with a lot of letters and even more numbers! What did all this mean. It was like trying to read Chinese!?! As the letter was glanced over and over by searching eyes hoping and longing for an answer. Something, anything.

Red's eyes reached the bottom of the page and some place almost hiding amongst all of the technical jargon and mutation mumbo-jumbo it read:

"Based on testing results obtained from analyses of the DNA... the probability of paternity is 99.9%."

Wooohooo! That's exactly what Red was praying for. Exactly what he needed to begin to fill the void in his life. Stay tuned for the introduction of his DAD!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

And the verdict is.....

Hey hey hey! Not so fast! First I want to tell you about the story of how the results came to be. Okay, so, Red called me to go check the house to see if the results had arrived yet. I, being the amazing wife that I am, left work and ran home only to find nothing. I called Red to let him know and to have him call to get a tracking number for his package as well as teh status. He did. Upon receipt of his return call stating that his package had been delivered to the front door a couple hours earlier, I was a little upset. I know I'm a blonde but I am not that crazy! If indeed the package was at the front door I would've seen it! HELLO!!! So, once again I left work to go look for this silly letter with no avail. I called Red told him it wasn't their and to let them know because obviously there had been a mistake. He did and long story short UPS told hime they would look into it and call in on Monday. That doesn't work for me!!

I called UPS let them know I was upset, that Monday was not acceptable and this needed to be taken care of before the end of the day! Okay, even longer story short, there were several hours of phone tag and finally about 7:30 I spoke with someone who informed me that the driver of our route didn't feel as if she had made a mistake and misdelivered Red's letter so she was going home and someone would call us monday. OMG!!! I almost ripped that guy a new one. I knew I was blowing up at the wrong person and I let him know that and I apologized to him for being so upset but the answers I was geting were ridiculous! I kind of copped out after a suggestion he made "okay, so you're basically telling me that I need to go door to door and knock on these strangers doors at quarter to eight and say, 'Hi, I'm Three Piece, did you get my mail today?'" UGH!!! I was so mad!

I ended the conversation. Red had overheard my suggestion and headed out on a mission. He went to about 1/3 of the neighborhood. I called and told him just to come home and we would try Saturday to find the letter, he said he was chatting with a neighbor and would head back. Probably 15 minutes Red arrived back at the house weilding nothing other than a UPS envalope!! A FREAKING UPS ENVALOPE!!! He told me that while talking to the neighbor he noticed a house across the road with a wet, half-bent, UPS envelope propped up in the corner of the front porch. He examined it and realized it was what he had been hoping, praying to find! He excused himself from the conversation and he tells me he ran all the way home!!

Envision Charlie from Willy Wonka nad the Chocolate Factory running hom after he found the last Golden Ticket! So over joyed, so excited, so child-like, care-free and giddy! I can just picture his face. He was ecstatic!


This is my first one!!

1.5 lb boneless skinless chicken breast (2.99)
1 can mild cheese sauce (2.44)
12 small sound flour tortillas ($1.25)
shredded mexican cheese,1/2 bag ($0.95)
sour cream ($.89)
1 can refried beans ($0.99)
1 small bag Mexican rice ($1.25)
jell-o flan mix ($.99)
1 cup of milk (for the pudding) (~$0.30)

Total cost $9.06!!!

Cut up the chicken breast into short strips and cook in a pan.
Spread a little of the spicy cheese sauce on half of each tortilla,
place a few pieces of the cooked chicken on top of the cheese sauce,
cover the chicken with the shredded mexican cheese, fold tortilla in
half and place on a griddle, in a pan on the stove, or in the oven.

Cook until the tortilla is lightly brown and the shredded cheese is melted. Put the remainder of the cheese sauce in a little bowl, put some sour cream in a little bowl and use those for "dipping" sauces for the quesadilla.

The quesadillas are usually enough for my family but if your family likes a biger meal then add the rice as a side as well as the refried beans. Just microwave them for a minute and a half or so. Also, if you prefer a dessert as well, I would make a flan or any pudding to go with it!! You can buy the jell-o brand flan at your local grocer and it is yummy!!! Not quite Authentic Mexican but pretty close!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's like waiting for paint to dry...

So sorry to keep everyone hanging. No, we haven't gotten anything back yet. Red still does not know, for sure, that his journey to find his father is over or just beginning. I feel for him, I really do. It's taken longer than expected and the whole process is like waiting for paint to dry. You know. You're so excited when you find the shade that you've been searching for forever! You get samples and put it up on the wall and then you wait, and wait, and wait. It seems like forever, waiting to see if it is the color that you've been waiting for. To see if it is the color that you envisioned, the one that will make the room complete! The waiting game is never fun but with good friends, good family and a couple of drinks it will be worth it and the paint will dry. Red's paint is almost dry and soon we'll know if it is his perfect match, the one to make his room complete.

I hope you enjoyed the metaphorical story. These things just come to me, you know, because I'm so awesome! :) In other news. Sprout has been doing great with his potty training. He is still at about 95% pottying at home but school was rough for him at first and, well, with his GI issues last week we pretty much put it on hold. He's gone pee on the potty for his day teacher pretty well during this time but yesterday he did really well. He peed several times on the potty and even had a BM on the potty for her. YAY SPROUT!! Today, however was even BETTER!! He sis amazingly well. He's still wearing a diaper at school and considering that, he's pretty much outstanding! Today he went potty on the potty more often than not. I think his day sheet said he had one wet diaper! I am so proud of him!! YAY!!!! GO SPROUT!!!! One last thing before I wrap this up. As you know Sprout has a birthday coming up in about 6 weeks. Well, he will be getting a new nickname too! Hey, 2 is pretty grown up, for him anyway, so I think he deserves a grown up nickname for the blog too. You can guess or even make suggestions. See you all soon!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guys Fun Day!

Yesterday, Red suprised Sprout, as well as myself, with a Father/Son Day! From what I hear they had a blast! Sprout spent some time playing hide and seek, using the potty and coloring and boy did he color! The wall in the dining room that is! He had so much fun, in fact, he didn't even take a nap, which was only apparent about 20 minutes before his regular bed time. :) I came home for lunch and cooked up something good, we enjoyed some family time together and, shoot, I even made dinner, for real, last night.

Now, if you know anything about our busy lives you know we don't always have time to sit down to a traditional family meal. Last night was different! Remember when I said I came home for lunch? Well, I put a chicken in the clow cooker with my usual, unique, never-the-same-twice, blend of seasonings. I homemade some equally creative rice with paprika and corriander and to top it off, one of our favorites, corn on the cob! Then, of course, there was icream for dessert for Red. All in all a good day!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What a shocker!

Okay so I really just noticed that it's February! Wow, and I thought last year went by fast. I can't believe Sprout will be 2 in just 8 weeks.

Oh and don't forget!! It's black history month. BHAHAHA! :)

I found something that pertains more to me than the above.
February is Women's Heart Disease Awareness Month
Children's Dental Health month!!!
Both are important! So ladies talk to your Dr.s about your heart health this month and make sure your kids are up to date with their dental visits! Early detection and prevention can make the difference!

Up an coming!!

****There may be some big news on its way to the blog. My wonderful husband has been on this search for his biological dad for almost 6 years. He's walked down many promising roads and come to more than enough dead ends. His journey may very well end this week. Will you all say a prayer that this is the case? I know it would mean the world to him if he found his dad. This is by far the closest he's been.****

Sprout has been doing well and even used the potty at school by himself yesterday. I was so excited to hear that! I know, weird to get excited that your kid just went to the bathroom. Yeah, well, after a week of let downs while potty training at school this was a high not and considering he was wearing a diaper I am even more proud! So, I guess the pottying is back on. As you know Sprout was a little sickly over the weekend and regressed a bit, mostly because he slept for 20 hour on Saturday.

On a slightly different topic, now. Sprout has seemed a clingy lately. Sunday night he woke up three different times screaming and then crying mommy, mommy. I mentioned it to day teacher and she said he's been doing the same thing at nap time for like a week! What!?!? Hello!!!! Tell me what goes on with my baby!! Now i just feel bad and think I should stay home with him even more. :( Soon enough, I suppose.

Well, time to wrap it up. I still have a while before work so I'll go tidy some things since, apparently, the house is trashed 6 out of 7 days a week! lol. :)

Love you all!