Saturday, September 25, 2010

Not much going on...(okay maybe a little)

The title really explaines it all. We've been busy with all of the usual, you know, work, school, cooking, cleaning, LIFE!!! Big Bean never had his two year old pictures taken. I feel like a bad mom for that because ever since Big Bean was a newborn we had professional pictures done on a monthly basis. After he turned 1 we dropped to every 3-4 months and then he turned 2 and we just never got them done. How sad. Anyway, now that he's pushing two and a half and it's fall his school is getting ready to have their pictures done so I assume it will be just like last year when we technically missed his first pictures and we will purchase the ones from his school.

In other news, Big Bean is fully potty trained. No more diapers!! No more pull-ups!! (though he didn't even go through a whole pack before decidin they weren't for him) he hasn't even had a night accident in 3 weeks AND!!!.............wait for it!!...............NO MORE PACI!! Yes ladies and gentlemen! That is CORRECT! Big Bean has been without his BFF paci since the first Thursday this month!! Yay for him! I guess he's taking changing his name to Big Bean very seriously! Where is the time going? I mean, no more diapers, no more paci, no accidents, he speaks insentences, tells jokes, sings songs! How amazingly wonderful to see my baby grow up but also, how amazingly sad!

This week I also completed and submitted my applications for the next step in my education. I applied for a nursing program and 2 different bachelors degree programs. They are all very competetive and while I don't necessarily expect to be accepted into one of the programs on my first attempt I feel as if I am definitely a stong contender and will undoubtedly be disappointed if not accepted into one of those programs. We will see! The application deadlines are October 1 and I assume I should know of my acceptance or rejection no later than November 1. I will do my best to update and post as soon as I know something but as we all know based on my track record I am not that reliable when it comes to updating! So until next time everyone!! Stay safe and love strong!!