Monday, January 9, 2012

The fun starts again!!

This is what I call round 574923 in booting and updating the family blog. Well, N has been doing amazingly! He's so smart. He knows his letters, shapes and colors. We're working on his numbers but it's hard to do when you work full time and still have school. When N first started at his over priced preschool I was really excited. I knew that his would be such a great place for him to grow and develop in. Now, however, it seems more like fancy ghetto daycare. He goes outside all.the.time and the things that he knows, he know because of me!! If he didn't have all his little friends there I would definitely switch him to a different school. We're still trying to find the best school for him to attend for pre-k and beyond.

Red is doing great as well. He works alot and alot of people respect and admire him. I know he'll do great things in this company and will be there for a long time. Reds dad has spent alot of time with us too. Ever since he and his family came into our lives it has been nothing but amazing. N loves them, we love them and they really help complete our family!

Me, well, I've been soo busy. I love work and I keep coming up with new and creative things to do at work to help make my job more reliable and efficient! Super fun stuff. Spring semester started today and I have 4 classes this semester. I have 2 health something classes, biology (again) and college trig! Yikes! Anyone out there love trig or know the secret?? Let me know!

This may be my last semester in college for a little while because Red and I are expecting our second baby!! Yep, that's right!! Baby #2 is due in July/August! I say both because technically my DD isn't until August 3 but I hope to go the end of July, naturally. Well, mostly any way.

So my loves! Here's to a new year, a new beginning and new fun!!