Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's like waiting for paint to dry...

So sorry to keep everyone hanging. No, we haven't gotten anything back yet. Red still does not know, for sure, that his journey to find his father is over or just beginning. I feel for him, I really do. It's taken longer than expected and the whole process is like waiting for paint to dry. You know. You're so excited when you find the shade that you've been searching for forever! You get samples and put it up on the wall and then you wait, and wait, and wait. It seems like forever, waiting to see if it is the color that you've been waiting for. To see if it is the color that you envisioned, the one that will make the room complete! The waiting game is never fun but with good friends, good family and a couple of drinks it will be worth it and the paint will dry. Red's paint is almost dry and soon we'll know if it is his perfect match, the one to make his room complete.

I hope you enjoyed the metaphorical story. These things just come to me, you know, because I'm so awesome! :) In other news. Sprout has been doing great with his potty training. He is still at about 95% pottying at home but school was rough for him at first and, well, with his GI issues last week we pretty much put it on hold. He's gone pee on the potty for his day teacher pretty well during this time but yesterday he did really well. He peed several times on the potty and even had a BM on the potty for her. YAY SPROUT!! Today, however was even BETTER!! He sis amazingly well. He's still wearing a diaper at school and considering that, he's pretty much outstanding! Today he went potty on the potty more often than not. I think his day sheet said he had one wet diaper! I am so proud of him!! YAY!!!! GO SPROUT!!!! One last thing before I wrap this up. As you know Sprout has a birthday coming up in about 6 weeks. Well, he will be getting a new nickname too! Hey, 2 is pretty grown up, for him anyway, so I think he deserves a grown up nickname for the blog too. You can guess or even make suggestions. See you all soon!

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