Friday, February 5, 2010

And the verdict is.....

Hey hey hey! Not so fast! First I want to tell you about the story of how the results came to be. Okay, so, Red called me to go check the house to see if the results had arrived yet. I, being the amazing wife that I am, left work and ran home only to find nothing. I called Red to let him know and to have him call to get a tracking number for his package as well as teh status. He did. Upon receipt of his return call stating that his package had been delivered to the front door a couple hours earlier, I was a little upset. I know I'm a blonde but I am not that crazy! If indeed the package was at the front door I would've seen it! HELLO!!! So, once again I left work to go look for this silly letter with no avail. I called Red told him it wasn't their and to let them know because obviously there had been a mistake. He did and long story short UPS told hime they would look into it and call in on Monday. That doesn't work for me!!

I called UPS let them know I was upset, that Monday was not acceptable and this needed to be taken care of before the end of the day! Okay, even longer story short, there were several hours of phone tag and finally about 7:30 I spoke with someone who informed me that the driver of our route didn't feel as if she had made a mistake and misdelivered Red's letter so she was going home and someone would call us monday. OMG!!! I almost ripped that guy a new one. I knew I was blowing up at the wrong person and I let him know that and I apologized to him for being so upset but the answers I was geting were ridiculous! I kind of copped out after a suggestion he made "okay, so you're basically telling me that I need to go door to door and knock on these strangers doors at quarter to eight and say, 'Hi, I'm Three Piece, did you get my mail today?'" UGH!!! I was so mad!

I ended the conversation. Red had overheard my suggestion and headed out on a mission. He went to about 1/3 of the neighborhood. I called and told him just to come home and we would try Saturday to find the letter, he said he was chatting with a neighbor and would head back. Probably 15 minutes Red arrived back at the house weilding nothing other than a UPS envalope!! A FREAKING UPS ENVALOPE!!! He told me that while talking to the neighbor he noticed a house across the road with a wet, half-bent, UPS envelope propped up in the corner of the front porch. He examined it and realized it was what he had been hoping, praying to find! He excused himself from the conversation and he tells me he ran all the way home!!

Envision Charlie from Willy Wonka nad the Chocolate Factory running hom after he found the last Golden Ticket! So over joyed, so excited, so child-like, care-free and giddy! I can just picture his face. He was ecstatic!

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