Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday, Tuesday...

Oh boy, what a week! I know it's still early in the week but man this week has definately been one of those weeks. The office drama is in full effect and it comes in waves. One minute everyone is fine and we're all BFF's. Next, it's close to world war three in here. The front office is jumping at the back office's throat. They just don't understand what we go through back here just like I'm sure we don't get to see everything they go through up there. I just wish we could all work together and that things went smoothly.

Ugh! Enough of the depressing stuff. Sprout is doing great with his pottying this week! He went on the potty most of the day yesterday so he got a special treat for dinner last night. He was so excited and enjoyed every minute of it! He's done really well as far as temper tantrums go, too.

In other news, Red and his dad are still doing well. Red's dad broke the news to his family and well, it wasn't exactly what he hoped, I suppose but I think the shock may be wearing off a little and reality is setting in. His family must be in that 'did this just happen' phase. I pray they will warm up to the idea and embrace Red. This is what Red has wanted for so long. I have a sense of peace that this will work itself out and one day we will all be friends.

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