Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Little Sprout had his appointment Monday afternoon. He saw his fantastic provider, Maria!! She's great. Any way, she listened to his chest, heard him cough, knows his history and discussed plans of treatment. We talked about albuterol, possibly a course of steroids. All of those no problem. I knew that's what he needed. I expected it. Then like a strong wind to knock you on your butt!!! She said it. Maria, in her sweet, quiet voice. She almost whispered....I'm going to have to call this asthma. WHAT?!?!

ASTHMA!! No not my son! He can't be labeled! My son is healthy!! He's super smart, eats healthy, exercises pretty much 24/7!! What??!?!?!? I mean come on! I breast fed for 15 months!! That's supposed to make him healthier. Right?! I knew that he had problems occasionally, which required his nebulizer. He's has RSV 3 times in his short life but I just assumed that maybe he was more susceptible to it. How can he have asthma!!

I guess I feel like I failed a little. Like, there was something that I missed or something extra I could've done to prevent this. Once again I regress to blaming things on being pressured into inducing my labor. My body wasn't ready. Little Sprout wasn't ready. I gave in, ended up with a c-section and the story kind of writes itself. Here is an excerpt from an article that I came across on reuters:

"Overall, children delivered by c-section were 79 percent more likely to develop asthma than children born vaginally, the investigators found. The association between c-section and asthma was even stronger for children born to one or two allergic parents than for children born to parents without allergies."


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