Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lazy Saturday.

Last night was super fun. Both Red and I got a chance to hang out with friends and even Sprout got to hang out with his main BFF Cman! They got together, played trucks, shooting games and had nugget happy meals for dinner! They has a blast and it was a late night for the little guys. Today wasn't as bad as I thought it may have been Sprout went to bed pretty late but Red and I went to bed even later. I just knew that Sprout would wake up at his usual time, around 7. Suprisingly enough I was the early bird and started the morning around 5:30, wooh long day! Sprout didn't bat an eye this morning until almost 9:30.

It was strange. When he got up he asked for candy. Huh?!? Candy? I of course said no and explained that we didn't eat candy for breakfast and he freaked out. I eventually caved and gave him a lollipop. He licked it a couple times, gave it up and asked for some milk. I happily obliged and thought this would be a great start to our family day. Well, once he finished his milk he was really clingy and wanted to rock, not more than 30 minutes later he was out like a light. He slept until about 12:30 played a little, ate some crackers and went back to sleep about 3. He woke up from that nap about 6 and is playing okay. Poor little guy. I hope he's not catching something.

I guess it's not a total loss. Red and I got to spend time together and we both cleaned the house. On the bright side, I don't feel bad about being stuck in the house, the weather was awful today.

***Oh. I spoke with Cman's mom and he's got an upset tummy today. We both agreed that it must have been bad chicken nuggets. :)

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