Tuesday, December 21, 2010

'Til the season...

Life has been the same old same old around here. Red and his dad have had tons of fun bonding and catching up this year. We are so blessed to have discovered his father!! Also a couple weeks ago Big Bean had his ear tubes, from 11/08, removed and had a brand new set put in. Now, he doesn't necessarily need the new set but I figured, hey, they have to put him under to remove his old tubes and it's going to cost the same so we might as well get a new set put in just to save us all the time and hassle of possibly having to re-do them if we ran in to problems down the road. Big Bean is now set as far as tubes go. This will be his last set and they are due to come out either the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013!! Wow! Where is time going?!?! I swear it feels like I graduated high school a year ago. On the other hand I have been at my current job for going on 5 years!

Speaking of school, I just finished another semester! I received two A's and a B! Yay for me!! I was ecstatic to receive the B as it was in microbiology. It was a pretty tough class. Now, I'm looking forward, so to speak, to my spring classes. I have a chemistry, a math and an elective. I'm still pretty open in my degree track but hopefully one day all of this maddness will result in a degree!

That's all for now! Big Bean apparently is still awake!!! Time to go work on that. Until next time!! Love you all.

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