Monday, December 27, 2010

Back up and Running, kind of

Yay!! We survived Christmas and we got the internet back up and running!! So, Friday night, you know, Christmas Eve!?!? I was trying to track Santa on for Big Bean. I thought it would be fun for him and we could do a little geography lesson of sorts but the modem for the internet connection died!!! Umm HELLO?!? How do people live without the internet these days! I know, kind of spoiled bratish but it was tough. We survived.

Well, we had our family Christmas Eve party and Big Bean was a little clingy and a little warm. Of course he had his usual cough but I wasn't too worried. Boy. Was. I. Wrong. After everyone left Christmas Eve, Big Bean, started feeling really warm and became really fussy, asked for a paci (which he hasn't had in 4 months) wouldn't let me put him down and had a pretty bad melt down which resulted in him throwing up on our bed and on the carpet. I started the tylenol and motrin every 3 hours, got him cleaned up and we snuggled and cuddled pretty much the whole night. Needless to say, Santa didn't make it to our house until 7:30 am.

Other than that and a couple bouts of fussiness, exhaustion and excitement on Christmas day, we had a really good time. Stay tuned for Christmas post and pics!!

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